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How it all started

It all started when I decided to pull the old nylon toothed gear set out of my 78 Lincoln Continental while rebuilding the engine. I didn't want to throw the timing set away, it just looked too cool! I also wanted to keep it to show everyone what a bad mistake this was for Lincoln to use in their cars back in the 70s. Luckily, the nylon teeth of my gears didn't break off and destroy the engine yet. While I was cleaning out my garage one day, I decided to do something with the set. I bought a clock mechanism and just slapped it in there. 

Lincoln Timing Set Clock

I hung this up at work and kept getting compliments on it as well as few, "Do you sell those?". I started chatting with a coworker, we call him Tomato, about his 3d printer and asking what I could do with it to print up the numbers (The stick on numbers that you buy premade just wasn't going to cut it). After teaching myself 3d modeling software and having Tomato print up a few files, I came up with the first model of the wall clock!

Chevy Small Block Timing Set Clock

Inverted tooth, hand painted numbers and no second hand... It could use some improvement... This one also didn't rotate. 

After months of designing, printing, buying more 3d printers, testing and learning how to build a website, we are here today! With multiple rotating, motorized clocks and many more on the way.

Here's our current 3d printer setup in our basement. Some of the clocks take up to 20 hours to print all the parts, which is why we need so many printers. A lot of time and energy goes into creating and constructing each individual clock, making it perfect for our awesome customers.

3d print farm for Clcok9nine

When we started this business, my wife was 7 months pregnant, and I wanted to make sure we could provide this little bub with a great life. 1 month later, a few weeks early, Gavin was born. This is who you're supporting when you buy from our family business, this little guy here. We appreciate every single customer of ours and hope our clocks are exactly what you're looking for!

Clock9nine Gavin's Print Farm

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