Family run business located in Metro Detroit Michigan

About Us

Clock9nine is a family owned and operated small business consisting of my wife Anika, our baby boy Gavin, and myself. We take vintage automotive parts and construct them together to make beautiful clock art pieces. Using vintage technology and fusing it with modern day technology like 3D Printing, we can make designs such as our motorized, rotating gear timing clock (see it here) or future designs in the works, like our purely thermal powered rotating clock.

After we sketch up a design we both love, we start to figure how we can make it operate with custom 3D prints and a little ingenuity. After rigorous testing, we release the new clocks for sale. Each clock is unique as all vintage auto parts are newly made, yet still have some patina to them. They are each hand constructed so no clock will be identical

We work with small, upscale shops like The Best Nest located in New York to show our items in person.

We also do custom commissioned work if you want to take an automotive part from an old car and turn it into an art piece. Just send us a message or email and we'll be happy to design something with you!

Our family appreciates your support and would love to see photos of your purchases along with a review!

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