Car Clocks

This is the ultimate pit stop for every car enthusiast who runs on time — Clock9nine's Car Clocks collection! If your heart races for both horology and horsepower, you've hit the jackpot. Our car clocks aren’t just designed to tell time; they're built to ignite stories, rev up rooms, and put a little vroom in your decor.

Strap in and browse through an array of clocks crafted from the finest vintage automotive parts. Whether it’s timing chain tickers or piston timepieces, each clock in our collection packs a punch of personality and patina. Our gear clocks are perfect for those who like a little motion in their timepiece — it's like watching your favorite car movie but on the wall!

Need something even more unique? Try our motorized rotating chain clocks — they’re as close as you can get to a perpetual motion machine without breaking the laws of physics!

So, whether you’re looking to refurbish your man cave or just add a touch of quirky elegance to your home, our car clocks are ticking with character and ready to race into your life. Remember, at Clock9nine, every second is a celebration of speed and style!

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